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Hair care Butterfly Pea Extract Raw Materials

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  • MaterialCosmetics Raw Materials Butterfly Pea Extract
  • Weight100 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Western Union,Others

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  • Thailand Thailand
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Butterfly Pea Extract (extract from pea).
Scientific name: Clitoria ternatea

Pea extract rich.
There are advantages adenosine (adenosine) of FC Lyn (afzelin) compounds Regina Jim Martin (aparajitin) Acid Therapy Chinese Dictionary (arachidic acid) compounds Astra Galin (astragalin) acid Chin Na. ceramic hydroxyapatite (cinnamic acid, 4-hydroxy) compounds Kerr quercetin (quercetin) and the City of Toronto's Cholesterol, etc..

The flowers are rich Anthocyanin (Anthony Zrenjanin) is widely used as an ingredient of hair care products make your hair soft and shiny black, naturally.

Be used to treat hair loss, bruises and swelling to the mix to purple. Pea also Anthony Saiyan These properties increase the blood flow in a small tube. Blood to the hair roots and more eyes. Call of Ann Saiyan is found in fruits and flowers are blue, red or purple qualified as natural antioxidants. The plant will build the substance. To protect yourself, flowers or fruit. From the dangers of sun exposure or disease.

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Facial Care such as Cream, Mask, Massage Cream, Toner.

Like Body Care Body Cream, Mask, Massage Cream, Lotion, Scrub.

Like Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask.


     Hair Loss Treatment
     A mixture of hair care products Makes your hair soft and shiny black.
     The swollen bruise
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Hair care Butterfly Pea Extract Raw Materials