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Anti Acne Lotus Stamen Extract Raw Materials

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  • MaterialCosmetics Raw Materials Lotus Stamen Pea Extract
  • Weight100 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T,Western Union,Others

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  • Thailand Thailand
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Lotus Stamen Extract lotus pollen extract.
Scientific name: Nymphaea lotus Linn

Thailand is the advancement of the herbal industry to another level. When researchers can invent Thailand extract lotus pollen. To help combat free radicals Which causes the wrinkles or aging easier. They also use small particles of nanotechnology. Extracts absorb into the skin to help bring in even more depth. Make your skin glow longer periods

Pollen extract contains the lotus.
kaempferol, kaempferol 3-o -? - D-glucopyranoside, sitosterol-3-o -? - D- glucopyranoside. Most of the substance to the concentration of the substance. That can inhibit the initial reaction was great. Of vitamin E The ability to eliminate free radicals. Makes skin or inhibit tyrosinase enzymes that cause skin blemishes.


Reduce premature aging
Reduce redness of acne

Glowing skin

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Anti Acne Lotus Stamen Extract Raw Materials